Emergency Services

3 steps to a dry basement:

flood defences - flut box

Step 1: Attach the hose

flood defences - flut box

Step 2: Switch on the pump

flood defences - flut box

Step 3: Start pumping

Barrett Kent can provide arange of products to help prevent or cope with a flood.

Flood Box (Flutbox)

Flood defences - flut box

Flood emergency kit - Faster than the Fire Brigade.

Powerful, durable and tackles the problem - the “Flutbox” helps people who are affected by flood water, to react quickly and efficiently.

Just put the carrying cage with the pump on the ground and pump the water out of the building via the fire hose.

First aid in the worst case scenario.

Even in dry seasons the “Flutbox” is a reliable assistant. The heart of this emergency kit is the powerful multifunctional submersible pump U 5 KS. Taken out of the carrying cage it can be used stationary or as a portable tool for several kinds of dewatering situations.

Download the flood box PDF brochure.

Flood Box available from Barrett Kent for £384.00 + VAT